Shopping & Accessing the local community

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For those who find accessing the local community to undertake their shopping difficult we offer a range of options that could suit you:

  • Our care assistants are able to go the shops on your behalf armed with a shopping list you have prepared.
  • Our trained carers can support you to order meals/shop online and arrange delivery of these
  • They can take you to the shops and accompany you around
  • Continue to use the local Green grocers, Butchers or Village shop if preferred.

All of our trained care staff are fully vetted prior to employment, your financial safety is paramount to us, we have safeguards in place to ensure your financial security. 

Accessing the local community

Our local trained care assistants are able to support you to access the local community as you need, whether it is transporting you to a medical appointment (they can even accompany you to these appointments if you require) or supporting you to continue to feel part of your community by going for a coffee, visiting local amenities i.e. Garden Centres etc. We can arrange this to suit your needs.