Care and Support

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Care and Support

As we grow older, or as our health determines, sometimes we need a little bit of extra support with our daily activities from personal care to include washing and dressing, preparing meals or supporting you to take your medication as prescribed our trained care staff can help you with these. 

Personal Care

Dignity and trust is paramount when undertaking Personal Care Visits - Accepting support with Personal Care can be very unnerving for any individual. Our Carers are patient, understanding and are trained to support you in ways that safeguard your dignity at all times through this very personal process. 

Our trained care staff can support you with washing and dressing in clothes of your choice for the day ahead. 

Reassurance – We all want that feeling of safety when we take a bath or a shower that we are not going to slip or fall over.  A visit from a trained carer to support you when you have your bath or shower or strip wash can give you that reassurance.

Nutrition and Hydration


Eating nutritious meals as part of a balanced diet comes hand in hand with our daily health and well-being.

Our trained care assistants can provide a helping hand to support you to continue to enjoy the foods you love and enjoy the most.

Our care assistants can support you with meal preparation, whether it be peeling and cutting the vegetables or even lifting heavy pots and pans to be able to cook a meal of your choice.

Specific Dietary Requirements

Should you have specific dietary requirements such as being Diabetic or have a Gluten or dairy intolerance then our staff can help ensure that you continue to manage your dietary needs to promote your daily health and well-being.


Hydration is paramount to everyone’s health needs.  For those who’s mobility is restrictive to them accessing a steady intake of fluids on a daily basis, we can ensure through your care visits that your fluid intake is monitored to ensure that you stay hydrated reducing the risk of dehydration and infection.


For many elderly vulnerable people, their daily medication is a lifeline to their on-going health and well-being.  Some people need a lot of medications, whilst others are only prescribed a few, and for a short period of time.  

With age-related illnesses such as arthritis or memory problems, accessing and remembering how and when to take your prescribed medication can be difficult, and could pose a health risk, if the medications are not taken as prescribed.

Abelia Care’s trained Staff can undertake Medication Support to ensure that you take the correct dosages of medication each day at the times required.

For those who require support to manage their medication, all care assistants receive specific medication training.

Prescription delivery and Medication Collection

Abelia Care Services are also able to provide a prescribed medication collection service to ensure that your medications are available to you in your own home every day.